Scand-LAS2020 statement regarding the coronavirus

Estonia and the whole Scandinavia are low risk regions due to both the population density and the habits of people (no greeting kisses nor handshakes on a daily basis, etc.). In the region, there are good healthcare systems and the sick can be easily hospitalised if necessary. According to the WHO, most endangered are the elderly, primarily those over 80 years of age, whereas this event tends to bring together people of the age group who are not in great risk.

There will be additional precautions taken both by the organisers and the secretariat, but we kindly ask you to follow some basic protective measures mentioned on the WHO website here:

To ensure participants’ well-being, in the organising process we will take into account the suggestions for event management released by the Estonian Health Board (please see here:

Among other things, we will enhance prevention measures in the following ways:

  • Increase the air change in all sessions
  • Clean all restrooms and public spaces more frequently
  • Put reminders up in restrooms to wash hands
  • Add hand-sanitizer gel dispensers in key locations

As far as we know, the Estonian Health Board does not plan to restrict the free movement of people and does not advise cancelling meetings.
All in all, it is highly unlikely that Scand-LAS2020 will be cancelled due to the coronavirus.
We will keep all participants updated if there is any relevant news about the virus.